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6x20mm 12V/50W Heater Cartridge 100cm

6x20mm 12V/50W Heater Cartridge 100cm

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Achieve unparalleled temperature control precision with our cutting-edge 12V 50W Heating Tube, featuring a robust Stainless Steel Hot Rod. Crafted for superior efficacy, the stainless steel construction guarantees exceptional durability, ensuring a trustworthy heating solution for your 3D ventures.

With a heating head size of 6x20mm and a wire length of 100cm, this heating tube stands out. Operating on 12V with 50W power, it surpasses its counterparts with its 0.5mm thick line, resulting in elevated heating temperatures of up to 350 degrees. Its aesthetic superiority is matched by its enhanced functionality, capable of withstanding higher temperatures and boasting a lengthier lifespan, setting it apart from ordinary red heaters. Embrace this 50W powerhouse, surpassing standard red heaters by 10W, and revel in extended service life and unmatched performance.

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