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Autoscan Sparkle 3D Scanner

Autoscan Sparkle 3D Scanner

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Discover the power of AutoScan Sparkle, our high-resolution 3D scanner designed exclusively for capturing precise and detailed scans of jewelry pieces. With its cutting-edge artificial intelligence scanning algorithm, AutoScan Sparkle offers unparalleled accuracy and simplicity. Transforming small components and jewelry pieces into a digitized format, this scanner seamlessly integrates with CAD/CAM software, streamlining design and production processes. Elevate your jewelry manufacturing workflow with AutoScan Sparkle, saving time and costs while achieving exceptional results. Experience the ease and precision of AutoScan Sparkle, the ultimate solution for high-quality 3D scanning in the jewelry industry.

*Please note this product is a special order and therefore will take 2 weeks to import from time of purchase.

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