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Bambu Lab Automatic Material System (AMS)

Bambu Lab Automatic Material System (AMS)

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Enhance your 3D printer's performance with the cutting-edge Bambu Lab Automatic Material System (AMS). Designed to optimize filament management, the AMS features RFID technology, humidity sensors, and an airtight enclosure, ensuring seamless filament feeding, automatic mid-print filament switching, and optimal print settings for unparalleled results.

With four filament slots and the option to install up to four units in parallel, the AMS offers ample storage and easy access to multiple filaments. Particularly useful for snap-away support material or dissolvable filament, simplifying support removal.

Each AMS unit includes four reusable spools, one high-temperature spool, and three low-temperature spools. Compatible with spools of width 50-68mm and diameter 200mm. For peak performance, Bambu Filament is recommended, thoroughly tested, and optimized for AMS use.

While the AMS offers unmatched convenience, certain materials like TPE, TPU, or damp PVA should be avoided to prevent clogs. Additionally, filament with carbon or glass fibers may cause premature wear or breakage. However, BambuLabs PA-CF and PAHT-CF have been specifically designed and tested for AMS compatibility.

Compatible with X1 Series and P1P 3D printers, the AMS comes with various accessories for a seamless experience. Elevate your 3D printing journey with Bambu Lab's AMS - order now for unrivaled performance and precision.

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