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Bambu Lab

Bambu Lab Hydra AMS

Bambu Lab Hydra AMS

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Introducing the Hydra AMS - your ultimate solution for versatile 3D printing with different spool sizes and materials. Designed as an upgraded main body substitute for the Bambu Lab AMS, this multifilament companion is specifically crafted for seamless compatibility with the Bambu Lab X1, X1 Carbon, and P1P 3D printers.

Experience a range of upgrades with the Hydra AMS:

  1. Increased spool widths: Accommodate up to 75mm width spools, comfortably fitting most 1 kg spools - a significant advantage over the standard AMS.
  2. Increased spool diameters: Support up to 203mm diameter spools, providing more options for your printing needs.
  3. Adjustable spool rollers: Enjoy four positions for rollers handling spools from 120mm to 205mm diameter, offering flexibility in spool sizes.
  4. Redesigned for full spools: The AMS feeder/motor mechanism is angled five degrees backward to enable efficient printing of full spools.
  5. Material Options: The Hydra AMS can be printed in various filaments and color combinations, giving you endless customization possibilities.
  6. Hassle-free assembly: The Hydra AMS arrives fully assembled and function-tested, ready to connect to your 3D printer.
  7. RFID compatibility: Maintains RFID support and uses the standard AMS outer casing.
  8. Redesigned for better RFID range: The latest version features more cutouts for RFID chips, improving RFID range, especially when using CF-infused filaments.

Unlock the true potential of your 3D printing with the Hydra AMS. Embrace seamless material and spool size flexibility to enhance your printing experience. Order now and revolutionize your 3D printing journey with the Hydra AMS and Bambu Lab's cutting-edge technology.

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