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Bambu Lab

Bambu Lab P1P 3D Printer

Bambu Lab P1P 3D Printer

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Discover the Bambu Lab P1P, Australia's latest 3D printer boasting a built-in chamber camera and LED light bar for enhanced performance. As a more affordable alternative to its predecessor, the X1, the P1P offers similar outstanding features and capabilities.

Equipped with a cutting-edge kinematics system, motion control system, and state-of-the-art electronics, the P1P delivers unmatched precision with vibration compensation and pressure advance. Its spacious build volume of 256 x 256 x 256 mm caters to modern FDM machines, while the CoreXY motion system ensures swift and stable movements, even at high print speeds.

Experience speed like never before with the P1P, accelerating at 2000 mm/s and maintaining a remarkable 500 mm/s printing pace, positioning it among the fastest 3D printers in the market. Its 300 °C-capable all-metal hot end empowers the use of various exotic filaments, while the dual-sided textured PEI-coated print plate guarantees exceptional durability, adhesion, and flexibility.

With seamless compatibility with Bambu Lab's automatic material system, the P1P is incredibly easy to use and efficient. This high-quality 3D printer is an affordable option for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Experience the future of 3D printing excellence with the Bambu Lab P1P - order yours today and unlock limitless creativity and precision.

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Build Voume 256x256x256mm
Nozzle 0.4mm Stainless Steel
Max Hot End Temperature 300 °C
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Supported Filament Ideal: PLA, PETG, TPU, PVA, PET Capable (Enclosure required): PA, PC, ABS, ASA Not Recommended: Carbon/Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer
Build Plate Surface Bambu Cool Plate, Bambu Engineering Plate, Bambu High Temperature Plate
Max Build Plate Tempurature 100°C
Max Speed of Tool Head 500mm/s
Max Acceleration of Tool Head 20m/s
Physical Dimensions 386x389x458mm