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Bambu Lab

Bambu Lab PAHT-CF Carbon Fibre 1.75mm Filament

Bambu Lab PAHT-CF Carbon Fibre 1.75mm Filament

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Introducing Bambu PAHT-CF - the ultimate composite of PA12 and carbon fiber for exceptional 3D printing performance. With its low water absorption inherited from PA12 and the high-performance carbon fiber, Bambu PAHT-CF boasts outstanding mechanical and thermal properties, even in wet conditions. Experience 50% lower water absorption compared to regular PA-CF, maintaining top-notch mechanical properties and dimensional stability even in high humidity.

Engineered for versatility, Bambu PAHT-CF is a top choice for a wide range of industrial and engineering applications. Its unique composition of PA12 and carbon fiber delivers unmatched strength and durability, ensuring your printed parts can withstand heavy loads, impacts, and repetitive stresses without compromise. Create functional prototypes, machining fixtures, injection molds, jigs, and low-volume production parts with ease and confidence using Bambu PAHT-CF. Elevate your 3D printing projects with the power of advanced materials!

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Saturated Water Absorption Rate% (25 °C, 55% RH ) 1.89 0.88
Bending Strength - XY/MPa (Dry) 141 140
Bending Strength - XY/MPa (Wet) 76 115
Bending Strength - Z/MPa (Dry) 47 70
Bending Strength - Z/MPa (Wet) 34 58

Z-layer Performance

Normal PA-CF PAHT-CF Improved %
Bending Strength - Z/MPa 47 70 49%
Bending Modulus - Z/MPa 1470 1700 16%
Impact Strength - Z/(kJ/m²) 5.7 13.3 133%

Accessory Compatibility

Recommended Not Recommended
Build Plate High-Temperature Plate, Engineering Plate Cool Plate
Hotend Hotend with Hardened Steel Nozzle (0.6 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.8 mm)* Hotend with Stainless Steel Nozzle (all size)
Hotend with Hardened Steel Nozzle (0.2 mm)
Glue Glue Stick Liquid Glue

Parameters Comparison

Composition PET, carbon fiber PA 12 and other long-chain PA, carbon fiber
Hotend Compatibility Hardened Steel 0.6 (recommended), 0.4, 0.8 mm ...