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Bambu Lab

Bambu Lab PC 1.75mm Filament

Bambu Lab PC 1.75mm Filament

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Experience the exceptional strength and heat resistance of Bambu Lab PC (Polycarbonate) filament - a powerful material known for its high impact resistance and optical clarity. Ideal for applications demanding toughness and stability, such as functional prototypes, automotive components, electronic enclosures, and engineering parts.

Designed for consistent and reliable printing performance, Bambu Lab PC filament ensures excellent layer adhesion, guaranteeing strong and reliable prints. To achieve optimal results, PC filament typically requires higher printing temperatures and a heated print bed, preventing warping and promoting superior adhesion.

Unleash the potential of Bambu Lab PC filament for your most demanding 3D printing projects - achieve unmatched durability and optical clarity with ease. Elevate your prints with the strength and resilience of Bambu Lab PC filament and witness your creations excel in the face of challenging applications. Order now and experience the outstanding performance of Bambu Lab PC filament for all your engineering needs

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Recommended Printing Settings

Drying Settings before Printing 80 °C, 8 h
Printing and Keeping Container's Humidity < 20% RH (Sealed, with Desiccant)
Nozzle Temperature 260 - 280 °C
Bed Temperature (with PVP Glue) 90 - 110 °C
Printing Speed < 300 mm/s

Physical Properties

Density 1.20 g/cm³
Vicat Softening Temperature 119 °C
Heat Deflection Temperature 117 °C
Melting Temperature 228 °C
Melt Index 32.2 ± 2.9 g/10 min

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength 62 ± 2 MPa
Breaking Elongation Rate 3.8 ± 0.3 %
Bending Modulus 2310 ± 70 MPa
Bending Strength 108 ± 4 MPa
Impact Strength 34.8 ± 2.1 kJ/m²