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Bambu Lab

Bambu Lab PETG-CF 1.75mm Filament

Bambu Lab PETG-CF 1.75mm Filament

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Introducing Bambu PETG-CF - the ultimate fusion of PETG and carbon fiber, delivering unparalleled printing performance and exceptional mechanical properties. Bid farewell to nozzle clogging and clumping issues with our improved formula, ensuring smooth and reliable extrusion for hassle-free printing. Reinforced with carbon fiber, Bambu PETG-CF offers increased strength and impact resistance without compromising on toughness, resulting in durable prints with a glossy, professional finish.

Experience reduced clumping and stringing with our specially formulated Bambu PETG-CF, overcoming common PETG printing challenges for seamless and reliable 3D printing. Achieve high-quality prints with excellent layer adhesion, reducing the risk of delamination and print failures. Whether you're creating drone parts, racing models, or functional components, Bambu PETG-CF is the ideal choice, providing high performance and aesthetic appeal with the added strength of carbon fiber.

Embrace the carbon fiber texture of Bambu PETG-CF, enhancing the printed surface with a soft reflection for a premium and refined appearance. Minimize the visibility of layer lines, achieving a smooth and polished surface finish for your 3D printed objects. Boosting XY strength, the carbon fiber reinforcement reinforces the PETG matrix, increasing structural integrity, and reducing the risk of deformation or breakage. Trust in the power of Bambu PETG-CF for exceptional performance, dimensional stability, and durability in all your printing projects.

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Saturated Water Absorption Rate% (25 °C, 55% RH ) 1.89 0.88
Bending Strength - XY/MPa (Dry) 141 140
Bending Strength - XY/MPa (Wet) 76 115
Bending Strength - Z/MPa (Dry) 47 70
Bending Strength - Z/MPa (Wet) 34 58

Z-layer Performance

Normal PA-CF PAHT-CF Improved %
Bending Strength - Z/MPa 47 70 49%
Bending Modulus - Z/MPa 1470 1700 16%
Impact Strength - Z/(kJ/m²) 5.7 13.3 133%

Accessory Compatibility

Recommended Not Recommended
Build Plate High-Temperature Plate, Engineering Plate Cool Plate
Hotend Hotend with Hardened Steel Nozzle (0.6 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.8 mm)* Hotend with Stainless Steel Nozzle (all size)
Hotend with Hardened Steel Nozzle (0.2 mm)
Glue Glue Stick Liquid Glue

Parameters Comparison

Composition PET, carbon fiber PA 12 and other long-chain PA, carbon fiber
Hotend Compatibility Hardened Steel 0.6 (recommended), 0.4, 0.8 mm ...