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Filaform Bed Adhesive Spray (100ml)

Filaform Bed Adhesive Spray (100ml)

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Say goodbye to warping and hello to flawless 3D prints with Filaform Bed Adhesive Spray, the ultimate bed adhesion solution for Australian 3D printers. Whether you print with PLA+, PETG, ABS, ASA, nylon, or other FDM materials, Filaform Bed Adhesive Spray will ensure your prints stick firmly to your bed and release easily when cooled. No more scraping, no more damage, no more frustration. Just spray, print, and enjoy.

Filaform Bed Adhesive Spray is a premium product made in Australia with the highest quality ingredients. It works on both smooth and textured PEI bed platforms and can handle long and complex prints without losing grip. It’s also easy to apply and remove, leaving no residue or mess behind. Just spray a thin layer on your bed, let it dry for a few minutes, and start printing. When your print is done, simply take it off the bed with minimal effort. Filaform Bed Adhesive Spray is the best way to prevent warping and improve your 3D printing results.

If you want to take your 3D printing to the next level, you need Filaform Bed Adhesive Spray. It’s the ultimate bed adhesion solution for Australian 3D printers who want to print with confidence and ease. Order yours today and see the difference for yourself.

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