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Filaform Dual Colour Silk PLA+ 1.75mm Filament

Filaform Dual Colour Silk PLA+ 1.75mm Filament

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Experience the superiority of Filaform dual colour silk PLA filaments, surpassing all standard PLA options. Our Silk Materials are meticulously crafted from top-notch plastic resins, ensuring exceptional dimensional accuracy. Rest assured, all silk materials come with ROHC certifications from SGS testing.

Benefit from high rigidity, remarkable glossiness, and transparency with our Silk PLA material, making it perfect for printing larger models. Filaform dual colour Silk PLA boasts high toughness, smooth print surfaces, and minimal shrinkage rates, eliminating wiredrawing and cracking problems. Explore our range of dual colours to unleash your unique style! Elevate your 3D printing projects with Filaform's premium dual colour Silk PLA filaments.

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3D Printing Parameters

Best Printing Temperature 190-220°C
Bed Temperature 50°C
Printing Speed 20-50 mm/s
Movement Speed 90-150 mm/s

Filament Specifications

Brand Filaform
Type PLA
Weight 1kg
Diameter 1.75mm