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Filaform Glitter PLA 1.75mm Filament

Filaform Glitter PLA 1.75mm Filament

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Add some sparkle and shine to your 3D printing projects with Glitter PLA filament! This unique filament is infused with sparkling particles that bring a touch of glamour to any 3D printed object. Whether you're a professional designer seeking to add luxury to your products or a hobbyist aiming to create eye-catching items, Glitter PLA filament is an excellent choice. Discover the benefits of using this filament and how it can elevate your 3D printed objects.

Enhance the visual appeal of your creations with Glitter PLA filament. Its sparkling particles add glamour and shine, making your 3D printed objects truly stand out. From jewelry and figurines to decorative pieces, Glitter PLA filament adds sophistication and style to your designs.

Experience the magic of Glitter PLA filament today! Elevate your 3D printing projects with its unique finish and exceptional performance. Create stunning 3D printed objects that dazzle and delight with Glitter PLA filament

*Please Note: All rolls are 1KG

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3D Printing Parameters

Best Printing Temperature 190-220°C
Bed Temperature 50°C
Printing Speed 50-110 mm/s
Movement Speed 90-150 mm/s

Filament Specifications

Brand Filaform
Type Glitter PLA
Weight 1kg
Diameter 1.75mm