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Filaform PC Carbon Fibre 1.75mm Filament

Filaform PC Carbon Fibre 1.75mm Filament

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Experience the cutting-edge world of 3D printing with FilaForm's Polycarbonate Carbon Fibre Filament. This advanced filament, crafted from a unique blend of polycarbonate and carbon fibre, delivers unrivaled strength, exceptional heat resistance, and lightweight durability. Ideal for high-stress applications and industrial prototypes, this filament is your ultimate solution for creating robust and functional parts that stand the test of time.

With its smooth and matte finish, FilaForm's Polycarbonate Carbon Fibre Filament ensures your 3D prints not only perform flawlessly but also exude a professional and sleek appearance, effectively concealing print lines for a polished result.

Designed with a 1.75mm diameter, this filament guarantees exceptional print quality, boasting a seamless extrusion process that leads to impeccable layer adhesion and precise dimensional accuracy. Suitable for a wide array of 3D printers, it is a user-friendly choice for both seasoned professionals and passionate hobbyists, offering seamless operation while minimizing common 3D printing challenges like stringing and clogging.

Embrace the perfect blend of strength, durability, and aesthetics with FilaForm's Polycarbonate Carbon Fibre Filament, and elevate your 3D printing creations to an entirely new level of excellence.

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3D Printing Parameters

Best Printing Temperature 260-290°C
Bed Temperature 100°C
Printing Speed 40-60 mm/s
Movement Speed 90-150 mm/s

Filament Specifications

Colour Matte Black
Brand Filaform
Type Polycarbonate (Carbon Fibre)
Weight 1kg
Diameter 1.75mm